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Ideas for an Alternative Wedding Car

The car that you leave your wedding ceremony should be an attention-grabber. A typical wedding car is decorated with a ribbon on the hood, a “Just Married” sign on the windows, and tin cans dangling from the exhaust pipes.

If a plain wedding car seems boring to you, several alternatives can make your wedding car seem a little more exciting! Wedding transport can be adventurous, let one or more of these great ideas personalize your big day.

1) A double-decker bus, with an open-top and a party bus

An open-top bus with the sun shining outside is a great way to get smiles from every person in attendance. If you have wedding guests that are staying the evening at the reception venue, you would be able to simplify their stay by using the bus as the transport to and from the wedding ceremony. More, if the venues for the ceremony and the reception are fairly close, you could have the bus return to transport the bride’s side of the wedding party. You will have dozens of wonderful summer wedding memories and great photo opportunities!

Even more exciting, you could book a Party Bus that has a great sound system, lighting, and a bar! Newly-married bride and groom could casually sip champagne while the whole backseat toasts them as the driver takes care of bringing the party to the reception venue for more celebrating.

2) Retro Wedding Cars and Camping Vans

Vintage wedding cars have become increasingly popular in recent years.

The 1950s retro-inspired wedding style is beautifully complemented by a pink Cadillac in the Hollywood Diana Dors style. A convertible top, as well as the plush leather seats in the vehicle, are wonderful assets to the style. With the bride and bridesmaids in some chic sunglasses and bright red lip colour, glamour is inescapable.

For a 1960s era “hippie” style wedding, a Voltzwagon Beetle or a campervan is a great option. Boho weddings are in full swing in current trends, so flowers in the car and loose updos only add to the mood.

3) A London inspired, British retro wedding is made complete by a white, shining London taxi covered in wedding ribbons. You’ll look like you drove right off the streets by Big Ben!

4) A James Bond Bridal Car

You’ll make a serious impression with an instant classic television or movie replica Bond car. Other options include arriving at the venue in a Batmobile-style model, a Bond Aston Martin model, or “General Lee” from Dukes of Hazard!

5) A Wedding Limo that Screams Rockstar

For a rocker vibe at your wedding, use a stretch limousine with light shows, loud music, and lots of champagne. In a limo, you have plenty of space to fit lots of people in comfort! The bride in her gown, her wedding party, and plenty of accessories can all fit well!

6) Wildly-Wheeled Wedding

For a groom who loves his motorcycles or dirt bikes, arriving at the ceremony on a bike with a shiny leather jacket over his wedding suit is cool, calm, and statement-making. Bridesmaids could keep with the theme by either riding in sidecars or use large trikes. Make sure that bridesmaids who do this have hairstyles that are simple to touch up since they will be wearing the essential crash helmets. This theme screams adrenaline and adventure for all, no matter two or three wheels!

7) Boating Bridal Trip

For a wedding by a river or sea, the bride and groom could leave the ceremony in style on a boat! For added flair, a very small wedding ceremony (or even reception!) could be held on a boat for some memorable adventures says a Chicago Blogger.