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Looking For The Perfect Hen Party In London?

Whether you’re  bride-to-be planning your own hen night or are the maid of honour doing the duties for her, one thing is for sure and that is that planning a hen party, especially in a large city such as London! There’s literally so many options and everything requires so much planning, however if you’re in the process of needing to plan a fantastic night out for a special bride-to-be, we think we’ve got just the thing! We were recently made aware of Nights Gone Wild, one of London’s leading pub crawl companies and we just know any of their nights would make the perfect hen night for those looking for a hassle-free night out where nothing needs worrying about except having a great time!

Who Are They & What Do They Offer?

Nights Gone Wild are one of London’s leading pub crawl organisers, running two incredibly popular crawls in both Shoreditch and Piccadilly. In fact, they’re voted one of the top pub crawls in London on TripAdvisor and even one of the top nightlife attractions! This, if nothing else, is a testament to how great their nights are, however once you understand exactly what it is these guys offer, you’ll quickly realise what a fantastic offering they have and why it makes sense to go down this route rather than planning your own hen night!

What you have to remember is that, at the end of the day, all that you want is for the group to have a great night which they’ll never forget and for the bride, her friends and family to enjoy themselves! Planning your own pub crawl, as an example, can be stressful and the last thing you want to be worrying about is where to go next and at what time! As such, as an overview, Nights Gone Wild offer:

  • Entry To 5 Pubs / Clubs / Bars
  • A Free Shot At Each
  • A Fun & Friendly Host For The Evening
  • Promotional Drinks All Night

How good does that sound? Fantastic, if you ask us! You’ll have your very own host for the evening, taking your between each pub and ensuring you have a night which you’ll never forget! It’s absolutely perfect for hen nights and what’s even better is that a ticket costs just £15 in advance! Yes, that’s right, just £15 for entrance into 5 pubs, a free shot at each and promotional drinks! If it was all paid for separately, it’d cost you more than £50 per person!

As far as we’re concerned, if you’re wanting a stress-free hen party you simply cannot beat this fantastic night out and trust us when we say that letting someone else do all the hard work of planning is welcomed and when you take into account the bargain-price, you simply cannot go wrong!