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Options to consider for your wedding entertainment


Planning a lovely wedding can be an enjoyable and fun experience. Although wedding planning can indeed be fun, it still involves a lot of thinking and consideration. Entertainment is an important aspect of any wedding. Some popular examples of forms of wedding entertainment include wedding bands, wedding vocalists, DJs and even large-scale performances — think magicians!

Wedding Live Bands

If you’re thinking about hiring a wedding band to play music, it’s important to note that prices range wildly. If you want a live band to play songs for four hours at your wedding, expect to pay about £1,339. That’s for a five-piece band. If you hire a smaller band that consists of 3 to 4 members, you can expect to pay less than that.

Wedding Singers

If you want to hire a wedding singer, costs vary there, too. Some vocalists charge by the hour. Others, on the other hand, charge by the song. Wedding singers often ask for fees of anywhere between £19 and £128 for every song. This often depends on how well-known they are. If a wedding singer is in high demand, she’ll probably charge more money. Wedding vocalists who charge by the hour often go for anywhere between £38 and £321 an hour. Some even charge more than £321 an hour. If you want to hire a group of singers, expect to pay more, too. Hiring a single vocalist generally costs much less than hiring several of them.

Benefits of Live Music

There are many benefits to hiring live wedding bands and singers to play at your wedding. They can contribute to a more intimate and authentic vibe, for example. There are some potential drawbacks to live wedding performances too, though. If a performer doesn’t perform well, it could ruin the atmosphere of the wedding. No one wants to hear an out-of-tune singer screeching half-heartedly during wedding festivities, after all.

Wedding DJs

If you’re anxious about the idea of a poor live musical performance ruining your wedding, consider hiring a DJ who can play your favourite tunes. If you pre-select your favourite songs, there’s no risk of a bad performance affecting anything. DJs can take away from the intimate ‘live’ aspect of wedding music, however. If you hire a professional DJ to perform at your wedding, you can usually expect to pay him or her anywhere between £64 and £192 an hour.

Wedding Magicians

Wedding magicians can be fun and refreshing ideas for wedding entertainment. Many people appreciate that. Some guests may be disappointed by the lack of music, though. If you want to book a wedding magician to perform for two hours at a wedding, expect to pay at least £192 or so.