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The Outdoor Wedding of Dreams



As a young girl, I have always wanted an outdoor wedding. I would scour social media for cute outdoor wedding ideas. When the time finally came for my husband and I to get married, I knew I wanted it to be an outdoor wedding in one of Michigan’s lovely parks.

Willow Metro Park was the chosen park because it was right next to a beautiful lake. The roses were ordered and all the bridesmaids and groomsmen got their own roses to hold. The only problem was the tent people required us to end the event at around 7pm; meaning we had to start the wedding around 3pm. At the beginning, it was thought to be a disaster! However, I later realized it was for the best because the daytime temperature was perfect that day but at night it was really cold. Because the temperature was perfect and we were right next to the scenic lake, everyone enjoyed taking pictures by the lake. Thanks to our wonderful wedding photographer, StudioSixFifteen, we were able to capture the picture perfect wedding!

Even though the tent had to go down at 7pm, most of my close friends stayed behind and we were able to continue the party. Later that night, we set off beautiful fireworks. The floating lanterns were my favorite part of the evening. We all let go of our lanterns at the same time as the song from tangled played in the background; it was a beautiful sight and ending to our perfect wedding.