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There are Real Differences between Bridal Salons

Bridal Salons

As a bride, you need to think about certain things when you visit a bridal store. One is the style of the dresses they carry. The other is the service you’ll get for visiting the bridal salon. Very few actually consider the niche market that the bridal salon is catering to. This is a very important thing to think about because it will determine whether or not you can afford the dresses they carry. It’s a very real concern, and it can spell the difference between finding the perfect dress, and finding a perfect dress which is simply out of reach for the bride.

There are three types of bridal stores: the couture, the Big Box, and the popular price point. NY Bride of Raleigh was a couture boutique in Atherton Lofts, Southend, and Southpark. This was before we realized that there is a greater need for the middle-tier market. With the evolution of Raleigh’s market, we realized that brides needed a smarter choice, and we could provide this choice with our couture experience. We made it our personal mission to provide brides with beautiful couture gowns without the big price tags.

Truth behind couture boutiques

If you have been scouting for wedding dresses in the Raleigh area, you might have come across couture shops. There’s a small advantage to shopping in couture shops. One of them is being given the VIP treatment. Customers are seen by the couture boutiques by appointment. Tea is served during fitting and consultations. You are treated as a queen each time you’re there, but that is because you pay good money to get this treatment. And then they show you the wedding gowns.

While some couture boutiques only carry pieces from world-renowned designers, some actually have gowns that were made in China. They just have the same “look” as the designer ones. Yet, these “couture” boutiques are still selling these gowns for hefty prices.

What about Big Box Stores?

Any bride who has ever told you that the best bridal shop is a Big Box store has to be a real pro at digging up items which are on sale. She will probably be at the store at 3AM just to line up and be the very first one to go through the collection of bridal gowns because she needs to get to that $99 bargain before anyone can get to it. If you have ever been in a Big Box sale, you will know for a fact that it’s a war zone out there, and the chances of you getting scraped by a bride-to-be who took crazy pills before going shopping is far greater than any chance of you getting an okay gown at best.

Choosing popular price point stores

Big Boxes and Couture Boutiques are at two extreme ends of the spectrum. Popular price points can give you the best of those two worlds. The NYBride is a really good bridal salon in Raleigh because it can give you unprecedented access to sophisticated and authentic designer pieces and the customer service any bride-to-be-deserves without the hefty price tag. The store is open from Mondays through Fridays and is located at the Plaza Circle. For more information, contact 704.529.6400.

NY Bride of Raleigh has over a decade of experience making brides smile as they prepare for the most special day of their lives.