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Tips for Planning Your Perfect Jamaican Destination Wedding

Advantages of Planning your Destination Wedding in Jamaica

So, you’ve decided to plan your destination wedding in Jamaica? Great choice! Jamaica is the original birthplace of the all inclusive resort and all inclusive destination wedding! Jamaica has beautiful white sand beaches and unforgettable landscapes that will make your all inclusive destination wedding an unforgettable experience of a lifetime! The temperature in Jamaica averages between 80-90 degrees year round, so no matter what time of year you are planning your Jamaican wedding, you will have the perfect weather to match your perfect day!

Some Tips on Planning your Jamaica Destination Wedding

  1. Decide if you want to do it yourself, or pull in some expert help. You can search around for a company that will help you pick the perfect all inclusive packages if you think you may not be able to find the time to find the right package for yourself. After all, you’re going to be very busy pre-wedding. If you don’t want to do it yourself – call in some expert help or ask friends and family who have been through the process for some help!
  1. Pick the perfect resort. If you do decide you want to look around to see what would best fit your personal needs and wishes, make sure to do your research! Compare resort locations and what they have to offer in their packages before picking the one that you feel is best for you and your future partner! Many packages offer different amenities and you may find a few that you absolutely love before narrowing it down to one, unique all inclusive package for your dream day!
  1. Don’t jump the gun! You may be very excited about seeing the first all inclusive package or two, but be careful not to book right away. You don’t want to book the first one you see, only to go looking a day or two later and find one that you wish you would have picked instead! Take some time comparing and doing your research before you pick the package that you know is right for you!
  1. Be sure to see if any other events are planned at your resort at the time you’re booking. If you want a bit more privacy, be sure to look and see if any major events or conferences are being held at the resort of your choosing when you’re booking your wedding package!
  1. Check out all details and hidden fees in your package before you book. Many wedding packages say ‘all inclusive’ but only really include certain things. Be sure to find out exactly what the package and resort of your choosing are willing to offer you so that there are no surprises when you get to Jamaica!

We hope you found these tips very useful and that your destination wedding in Jamaica or wherever you choose, turns out to be amazing.