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Tips To Select a Perfect Wedding Venue

They say that matches are made in heaven. But the wedding has to be solemnised on earth. One of the first things to consider when planning your wedding is the venue. The wedding venue can play a big role in ensuring that your dream wedding takes place just as you have always wanted it to happen. However, selecting a wedding venue is no simple task. With so many exotic venue options available these days, it can be pretty confusing to select one from among them. Here are a few tips to select a perfect wedding venue.

Choose a date range for your wedding

Having a date range in mind can help you to narrow down your choices of venues. For instance, if you decide on a winter wedding, you can tick off the outdoor venues from your list. Another thing to note is that a date range can help you to remain flexible with dates. Most venues get booked months in advance. So, if do not select a wedding date at the very onset, you can adjust your date as per the availability of the venue you choose.

Decide the place for the wedding ceremony

If you planning for a church wedding, opt for reception venues that are not far off from the church. If you decide to have the ceremony and the reception in one place, you need to consider whether you want to hold them indoors or outdoors. Some venues are just perfect for holding the ceremony outside and then having a lavish reception inside. Deciding about these factors early on can help you a lot in your selection of the venue.

What sort of reception do you plan to have?

Do you want your wedding reception to be a social event where your guests can have a conversation over cocktails? Or, would you love to have a dance party where everybody can groove to romantic numbers? If you want a dance party, you have to opt for a venue that includes a spacious dance floor.

Estimate your guest list

Are you looking for a perfect place for that perfect wedding? Remember that every wedding venue has a capacity to accommodate guests. Depending on your estimated guest list, you have to select a venue that is large enough for everyone to be comfortably seated. Also, if you have out of town guests attending your wedding, you have to arrange for their accommodation. It will be great if you can find a wedding venue that offers lodging facilities on the premises. Else, you can look for lodgings in nearby hotels.

Take into account the extra activities

Do you plan to have any fun and entertainment activities at the venue? Also, do you want to bring in your own vendors for decorating the venue? Be sure that the venue can accommodate the extra activities. Again, you need to know well in advance whether the venue management allows outside vendors to work at their venue or not.