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Top Tips For Planning the Perfect Wedding Reception

Finding your soul mate, getting engaged and day dreaming as to your big day and life as a married couple is one of the most exciting things most of us will ever do. Equally, planning that perfect wedding and reception to meet the needs, please and best celebrate that union of families, friends and feelings is likely to be one of the most stressful, expensive and time consuming tasks most couple will face. Hence, here are three top tips (and tricks) for making sure yours and your partner’s wedding reception is perfect in every way.


Picking a venue is by far one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding reception. The location, type and size of the venue you choose as well as whether to opt for a reception venue package which includes catering will enable you to subsequently plan the rest of your reception. What is more, the type of venue you opt for will both cement and so guide the style, direction and vibe of your wedding reception. As such, deciding on a venue should be one of the top decisions you make both in terms of being one of the most important and one of the first.

To alleviate some of the stress of searching for that perfect venue, make use of an online wedding venue search engine such as that provided by the Venue Finder website. Wedding venue search engines enable couples to troll through a wealth of venues according to location, cost, capacity whilst factoring in additional considerations such as whether venues provide disabled access and catering packages. Hence, even if you decide ultimately not to book a via a wedding venue search engine, making use of one can at the very least help you and your partner to gain a clearer understanding of the sort of venue you both desire as well as any specific features that venue might need to have – such as space for a live band, for example.

Music and entertainment

Speaking of live bands, take a lot of the stress, time and effort out of locating that perfect wedding band, DJ or even specialist entertainment by seeking the expert help of a wedding music and entertainment agency, such as Band Hire UK. Investing a bit of money into searching via an agency is the only secure means of broadening your choice (hence, finding that perfect band, DJ and / or entertainment) without potentially overwhelming yourself with the task of having to research, draw up contracts and risk no-shows and complications.

A music and entertainment agency are able to provide a huge wealth of credible and vetted bands, DJs and entertainers in one place so that you and your partner can find what’s perfect for you and search easily via type, genre, location and even budget. Consequently, you can use the time and effort saved to ensure every other aspect of your big day is as perfect as your music and entertainment.


As already mentioned, one way to reduce the stress of planning the perfect wedding reception is to search for and find a venue which is able to offer a catering package. That said, even if a venue is able to do this the perfect venue might not be able to provide the perfect food for your bid day. If that is the case, subsequent to locating and booking that venue, couples will need to then organise how to feed their nearest and dearest.

By far the best way to find a wedding reception caterer to meet your needs is yet again to search via an online engine. The wedding caterer search engine provided free via the Hitched website is a great place to start. Not only does the Hitched website provide a wedding catering search engine that enables couples to find their perfect wedding fare via cuisine type as well as location, the website and search engine also permits couples to find, read and gain valuable information as to just about every wedding day supplier they will need, from hair dressers to firework suppliers. Hence, the website and search engine are both invaluable tools and resources for any couple planning their big day.