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Wedding Album Companies – The big secret


If you are looking for a wedding album company then you might have noticed something.  It seems like all of the wedding album companies are selling the exact same products!

If you look closely, you might even see that some of the album photos on different websites are the same.

Here is the big secret that wedding album companies will not tell you…

Most album companies just take your order, do the design, and then order the album from a third party “Album Mill” company.  Yes, even some of the largest wedding album companies do this.

In many cases you may spend hours choosing the best wedding album company.  But in reality you are getting an album made by the same company – even though you ordered it from what you though is the perfect choice.  In fact it is fairly likely that the company who you ordered your wedding album from does not even know how to make albums!

There are a few album companies that actually have their own team and production facilities.  One of these companies is Wedding Album Studio.  There are several clear advantages to choosing a wedding album company who makes their own albums:

  1. You will get more choices – more leather colors and more options to make your wedding album unique.
  2. Companies like Wedding Album Studio have a higher level of quality control since they are not dependent on a third party to make the album.
  3. You will get a higher quality album if you avoid the companies who use wholesale album manufacturers

Well, there you have it.  This is the big secret that wedding album companies won’t tell you.  Most of them don’t actually make their own albums – They send your order to a third party album wholesaler.

So, be careful when you are choosing an album company.  We recommend Wedding Album Studio, but whatever album company you choose – ask them how they make the albums.  If they don’t know the details of the process then buyer beware:  You are getting a stock album from a wholesale album manufacture (album mill).