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Wedding Planning: Finding the Right Wedding Photographer

You’re just engaged and on TOP of the WORLD. You’re drifting on Cloud 9 blissfully then like a stampede of oncoming bulls your thoughts turn to the Wedding and the inevitability of one word: Planning. Haven’t we heard some horror stories, disasters and triumphs here? The two words ‘Wedding Planning’ can strike fear into any Bride organizing a wedding on her own, because as we all know the Groom does two parts of no-thing to contribute! As a Wedding Photographer in Sydney Australia I wanted to give you some Insights I’ve learned about one of the biggest tick-boxes in wedding preparation – the Photographer. Follow these steps to guarantee you commission a genuine, client focused team, because remember they’re heavily involved with you on the BIGGEST day of your life!

Here we go:

·  Write your Budget down – stick it on your fiancés forehead

·  Research, Research, Research and Enquire, Enquire, Enquire: Forums, Blogs, Word of Mouth, more Blogs

·  Shortlist and meet for Coffee (or Chai). Ask them about creative ideas and experiences – curveball!

·  Talk Price: Nothing is set in trade so go for it

·  Trust your ‘Gut’

The simple truth is the marketplace is flooded with Wedding Photographers and they’re all talented. The differentiator you need to rely on is Client Service and a genuine connection with a real person that YOU feel comfort in, ask yourself the question – Would you let this person come to Sunday Dinner? There’s your answer.