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Why Pre-Wedding Photographs are becoming the Trend in Singapore

pre wedding photoshoot

When your parents got married, they have probably never heard of prenuptial or pre-wedding photo shoots. Why is this becoming a trend now, in Singapore? And is there any reason for you and your groom to have the same photography session?

The photo sets are rather useful. While pre-wedding photos might seem like just an added expense at first, they are actually quite useful. You can use the photos for your wedding video, as stills. You can also use them for your wedding website, for your wedding save-the-date cards, and for your souvenirs. Some couples and these photos spread out during their wedding reception at the hall, and the effect is actually quite classy. It fills the venue with love. You can look at samples of a Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore if you are still not sure, just to asses if you would like the same done for your wedding as well.

It’s a good way to get you and your groom in the right mood. Wedding preparations can be so straining that some couples have fights while preparing the wedding. You are both just raring to have the perfect wedding day that the stress about that, and meeting your budget, can take a toll in your relationship. A Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore can actually be a welcome break.

It’s a good set of photos to show to your kids. Wedding photos themselves are fun, but your kids will probably wonder how their parents looked like minus the wedding garbs. Most photo shoots pre wedding are also so much fun, your kids will think their parents were really cool to be able to pose that way. It’s a very good, light hearted and fun memorabilia to own. You might have to spend a bit more for it, but in the end, you’ll find that a Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore is well worth your money.

It’s your last set of photos as boyfriend-and-girlfriend. Every milestone should be recorded, especially if you are a couple who are on your way to establishing your own family. A wedding album is fine, but why should you start there? A Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore will also mark the last few months you have as unmarried but loving individuals. There is really no reason for you not to have this photoshoot.

The packages are affordable. There are plenty of affordable packages to look at for a Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore. All you have to do is to shop around for it. There are high end ones, for course, who might end up charging you as much as five times the normal photographer’s fee, but there are gems like the package being offered by Dream Wedding SG that could make you rethink your pre wedding photoshoot plans. You might actually go on with the photo shoot because it’s a lot of fun. Talk it over as a couple and see if it is an extra expense that will go a long way, anyway. Think value instead of price tags, and you should be able to make the right decision.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore by DreamWedding will capture all precious moments before you exchange I do’s with the love of your life.