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This is a quick blog post for the grooms.

Wedding bells are not far off and the weather is superb, but the pressure is starting to mount!
So much to organize, so many little details to attend to and so many relationships to manage – wow, can’t we just elope?

You haven’t yet decided on the transportation. Will it be a Hummer stretch Limo, or maybe a white Lincoln stretch limo, or are you going to lean on family and get all of those with fancy cars to pitch in on the day?

After much debate, a few bristled moments, and a  scotch or two, the debate is still raging and you’re no closer to making a call, so reaching for a piece of paper to jot down options, the pro’s and con’s start to look something like this:

Hire in a Limo:

  • Stylish and elegant – it’s your special day!
  • Safe and secure
  • Assured of no drunk driving problems
  • Each of the wedding parties can fit comfortably into one limo – not a string of odd cars toting white ribbon, in an attempt to capture the occasion!
  • Limos can be matched for Bride and Groom parties, or have a theme or clever contradiction!
  • If you go private, who gets to do the driving and who gets excluded

No, we’re doing it privately:

  • Lower cost!
  • You can include more of the family in the process – but is that actually an upside?
  • It’s a little more personal – for you or for the additional guys that make the cut?

Well that settles that, why didn’t we just do a list in the first place?
Decision made, you’re going upscale and hiring a limo company. But what kind of limo are you looking for to transport the bridal party and what about the groom and his wingmen?

There is always the classic flashy black stretch car, but it’s a wedding not an embassy cocktail function, so may be something a little less official!

Certainly something white for the Bridal party, maybe the white Lincoln stretch limo, but what about the guys? How about a Hummer stretch limo, for a bit of bad boy appeal – last chance after all! I’m not sure you’ll get the Hummer stretch limo past the boss, but it’s worth a shot!

Before you finally commit to a white Hummer limo rental for your wedding limo in nj, or a white Lincoln stretch limo, or whichever combination you settle on, you need to make sure that you have ample room in the vehicles to comfortably transport the wedding party and the dress!

Starting to feel really bubbly about this and why not, the limo ride is going to add so much more to your wedding day! It’s an event, not just transport!

It’s going to be a blast, have fun and congratulations!